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Destiny Ninja 2 / Shall we date? Coins Hack Cheat Online

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Destiny Ninja 2 / Shall we date? Game Info

Finish the prologue before Apr. 30, 11:00 PM (PDT) and obtain some useful items!
Do not miss the starter SALES to acquire special avatar goods for FREE★ until Mar. 31, 11:00 PM (PDT).

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Ran: Optimist, joe / A good twin sibling to Kiku / A Winter Village ninja carrying ice / Has distinct- colored eyes, which people of his community believe will bring bad luck
Ayu: innocent and Calm / Secretly employed for your requirements / A Spring Community ninja carrying breeze / Holds the brand of the famous ninja
Fuyukiku: Calm and mild / A ninja anticipated to function as the next chief of Winter Months Town ideal and / Wields water / Folks Of his village practically worship him
Yayoi: you’re associated and Educated, arrogant sometimes / A gentleman towards ladies / A samurai expected to be the next head of the Spring Town / manages Ayu / The ancestors of him

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